MUSIC is the one art-form nobody is able to escape from. even if deaf or numb for that matter.
everybody is a true expert in music, since only YOU! unescapably know how it makes you feel.

our 2011 discovery of a sound, a vibration at first, lead to the self introduction of [ri:]. 
the eighth component in the musical scale. ever since we have worked to bring forth its sound.

do  re  mi  fa  so  la  si  +  [ri:]  = major change!               - nothing less is the goal - 

the BOEHMERS [ri:]searchteam dug deep to conclude that space actually bounces back the earth sounds vs. absorbing them. first we started a mission in space to do recordings of all sounds of our planet. from our 08 [ri:]search satellites. 

To further understand realtime bouncebacking, as we call it we are currently analyzing possible signal distractions such as; air, distance, soundsmog, elektromagnetics, ionisation, weather, earthspin … to learn where and how much of the bounceback gets back to earth once send. this is eminently important big data. once these “sweet spots” are located we will mark them with x1x2. then we will [ri:]record the send again, this time aiming for MILKYWAYS X pattern. the recorded data will undergo comparative analysis and in between the missing i.E. x1 and existing data we will find the sound [ri:]. with this big data we will complete the shredded bouncebackSOUNDS and furthermore [ri:]adjust its circumstancial displacement.
from there on out we expect to see realtime return to sender effects when [ri:] is applied into bbS.

our head [ri:]searchers 
olafMIERAUsound, dr.BLUTNERscience, kristofHAHNmusician, enrikoBOETTCHERid., juriORDAl.a., STEWmusic, wilhelmSTEGMEIERcomposer, rudolfBLANKEartist, brendanDOUGHERTYcomposer, and our worldteam network would like to thank YOU for your undying support, donations and each other. THANKX

meanwhile enjoy some of our s p a c e cooperated live recordings in the next tab vibrationNOISEsound


[ri:], now spreading ...

S P A C E is ultimate intimacy with how I sound.